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Bubble Bath
A bubble bath includes gentle cleansing with warm water hand bathing that massages the skin and deep cleans the coat to wash away any unpleasant odors and dirt. In addition, your dog will enjoy a luxurious coat conditioner, gentle ear cleaning, nail trimming, fluff and dry, and a relaxing brush out. Prices $45-$75+ depending on breed and coat condition.
Full Groom
A Full Groom starts with a Bubble Bath as above, followed by a breed-specific style, cut or shave with a hand scissor finish.
Prices $60-$120+ depending on breed and coat condition.
FURminator® Shed Reducing Treatment
Where there’s fur, there’s FURminator®. Our unique formulas address shedding at its core, providing the deShedding benefits for your pet. All FURminator products are free of parabens and chemical dyes, and made in the U.S.A. FURminator can reduce shedding 60 - 90 percent. Add this to any Bubble Bath or Full Groom and start enjoying more time with your pet instead of cleaning up your pets hair.
Prices $20 - $50 depending on breed and coat condition.
Flea & Tick Treatment
We use a Flea & Tick Shampoo and remove all fleas & ticks. $10-$25
De-Skunking Treatment
We can help, but no guarantee of complete removal. $10-$25
Blueberry Facial
Tear Stain Remover. $5
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