Pamper Your Pooch: 5 Fun and Festive Ways to Make Easter a Doggone Good Time!

April 3, 2023by Shelby Robin

 Easter is a time of year that brings to mind chocolate eggs, bunnies, and colorful decorations. For dog owners, it’s also an opportunity to include their furry friend in the celebrations. Here are some ideas for how to make Easter a fun and enjoyable time for your dog:

  1. Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs:
    An Easter egg hunt for dogs is a fun and interactive way to engage your furry friend in the Easter celebrations. You can hide dog-friendly treats or toys inside plastic Easter eggs and hide them around your home or yard. This provides a fun and stimulating activity for your dog, and also encourages their natural hunting instincts. You can even make the game more challenging by hiding the eggs in harder-to-find locations or using scents to help your dog track them down.

    Check with your town and other local events to see if their easter egg hunts are pet friendly- while your dog may not be able to hunt their own eggs at a town event, they can have fun watching the excitement and getting lots of attention. If you do bring your dog, be sure to keep them on a leash and bring them their own treats to enjoy while at the event so they do not get overstimulated watching the event.

  2. Easter-themed Dog Toys:
    Easter-themed dog toys can be a great addition to your dog’s toy collection. Stuffed bunnies or chick toys are not only cute and festive, but they can also provide your dog with mental and physical stimulation. Look for toys that are made from safe and durable materials, and make sure to supervise your dog while they play. You can make them their own dog safe Easter basket with no fake grass, and plenty of dog safe treats and toys.
  3. Homemade Easter Dog Treats:
    If you enjoy baking, you can make some homemade Easter-themed dog treats for your furry friend. There are many recipes available that use dog-friendly ingredients such as peanut butter, oats, and carrots. You can shape the treats like Easter eggs or bunnies to add to the festive feel. Homemade treats are a great way to show your dog how much you care. Many pet stores will also have adorable Easter themed cookies and other treats for your dogs. Get some with fancy decorations to add an extra level to your dog’s Easter pictures!
  4. Easter Outfits and Photoshoots for Dogs:
    Easter outfits or accessories can be a fun way to dress up your dog for the holiday. A simple Easter-themed bandana or bow tie can add a touch of holiday spirit without causing discomfort to your dog. However, it’s important to make sure that any outfits or accessories are safe and comfortable for your dog to wear. Avoid anything that restricts their movement or breathing, and make sure to supervise them while they wear it.When your dog is comfortable being dressed up, it’s time for a photoshoot! Use a plain background like a bedsheet in Easter colors. Dress your dog in their Easter best, and use some of their favorite treats to pose them in front of the backdrop and to get them looking at the camera.
  5. Easter Safety Tips for Dogs:
    While Easter can be a fun and festive time for dogs, it’s important to keep them safe. Chocolate eggs and other Easter treats can be toxic to dogs, so make sure to keep these items out of reach. Additionally, Easter decorations such as chocolate wrappers and foil, Easter grass or plastic eggs can be a choking hazard for dogs if ingested. Always supervise your dog around Easter decorations and make sure they don’t have access to anything that could cause harm. If you’re unsure whether something is safe for your dog, it’s best to err on the side of caution and avoid it altogether.


A special warning for those with cats: Lilies are often given around Easter time. Remember to keep these out of the house if you live with cats, as these are incredibly toxic to cats, and even just coming in contact with a lily or its pollen can cause serious harm to your cat. Cats are experts at getting into things we would rather they avoid, and keeping lilies on high surfaces like tables and counters is not enough of a deterrent to most cats. It is far safer to err on the side of caution and keep them out of your house all together to prevent the risk to your cat.


Easter can be a fun and enjoyable time for dogs and humans. From Easter egg hunts to homemade dog treats, there are many ways to include your furry friend in the festivities. Just remember to keep them safe and supervised, and have fun celebrating with your four-legged family member!

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